Competition on Fitbit, Pulse, Jawbone Up and Nike Fuelband

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Was talking about this exact idea with a few friends last night. Excited to check it out.
Fantastic: I've been looking for something like this
Interesting that this is so popular. We're planning on adding a similar feature to Exist, but it's a ways off for us yet. I definitely think it'd be nice to compete with users of other devices, although my UP gives me a lot more steps for going the same distance as someone with a Fitbit, so I'm not sure it'll be fair!
Yep, we've been wearing 3-4 devices at the same time continuously for several months trying to measure differences. We've also been testing apps like moves and Fitbit's device-less MobileTracker on the 5s. There are some big differences for sure. We think we have a pretty good baseline if we want to normalize the point system. Matchup works perfectly fine with 2 users and small groups. Most of our beta groups have been smaller groups (less than 12), so we'd love to see the dynamics of a bigger groups.
this is really cool