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A directory of people that will match your ACLU donation

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After seeing so many people helping the victims of the Muslim Ban on Twitter, I wanted to help Americans. I saw lawyers using their knowledge to help them. I am not a lawyer but I know how to code. People like Patrick Collinson are matching donations to ACLU but he is not alone, I knew I could help people organizations like ACLU raise money by gathering the people who are matching donations. Tommy Leep asked where he could find a list of ACLU donor matches , now it exists. Wish you all good luck for this difficult period you are going through It's currently 2am here in France so feel free to send me feedback or people to add, I will answer in the morning :)
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@mrcalexandre thank you for making this, Alexandre! πŸ™
@mrcalexandre Thank you for doing this :)
@mrcalexandre Very noble of you Alexandre Thank You, I just upvoted on @ProductHunt. We need more people like you in this world.
@mrcalexandre I can't believe that Obama put a 6 month ban on Muslims coming into America.
@thefranc Thank you so much Francisco, it means a lot 😊 There are lots of people like me who are not visible enough, the people who donate money and also time.But also people who are making things like me, @jrdngonen and @kaufmanhenry are two of them πŸ‘
On a similar note, a developer at the software consultancy, ThoughtWorks, made a website to forward your ACLU donation receipt to different entities matching donations -
Thank you for acting in such a timely manner to help Americans (and others) in need. Read somewhere the ACLU amassed around $20M in donations since Saturday, so I'm spreading this around in the hope that the figure continues to climb. Teeny issue: Mark Pincus's portrait is reused for Mike Vernal.
@stedman_rh You're welcome, I am just listing awesome people. The people who are matching donations need to be thanked more than me. Thanks, issue fixed, I modified the code too fast πŸ˜…
@mrcalexandre also forgot to ask: is there a place to submit contributors?
@stedman_rh At the moment, you can send them to me via DM on Twitter or here. I will add a form later today
brilliant. πŸ‘πŸΎ
Well done! Is there a way to visualize individual matching as its happening. Would be great for accountability and inspiration!
@williamxlewis Thank you very muchπŸ™I am sorry Williams, I don't fully understand what you are talking about with "visualize individual Matching as its happening" ?
Real-time tracking @williamxlewis @mrcalexandre ? That's an awesome idea! While we're dreaming big, let's add the idea of an embeddable widget so that site visitors can be inspired to donate as well.
@mrcalexandre umm just show that those that have pledged have donated with a chart or something. separately there are businesses matching now...time to update the list?