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Ross McCall
Ross McCallMaker@ross_mccall · Founder, Matchday Fantasy
Introducing Matchday, the next evolution in social gaming. Matchday is the brainchild of a group of veteran fantasy football players who just want to bring fantasy football to the modern, mobile, connected world. Matchday is a social gaming platform designed to be simple and fun from the start with a fantastic social network, bespoke tailored content and unrivalled banter. Matchday is a real innovation in the world of Fantasy Football, and we're starting with the English Premier League, Football League Championship. Our contests are unique in format – so you can get involved at any time, and if you missed the start of the competition it doesn’t matter! You can have as many leagues as you like – so create a league for your family, one for work colleagues or classmates, whatever you want. You can also chat privately with the other members of your group, and get the latest news, scores and injury updates as they happen in real time. At the end of the contest, the league table shows exactly how your team performed against the others in the league – and you decide the prize to be awarded or the forfeit to be paid! We've built a social platform with a purpose, allowing for groups to have their own dedicated portal where they can communicate, chat, banter, share content and compete in some good old fashioned friendly competition. Best of all, it’s completely FREE. We're launching on the 1st of August for the 2017/18 season and have some really exciting features and partnerships lined up. I hope you enjoy what we've built and would love to hear any feedback or suggestions.
Max Izotov
Max IzotovHunter@matchdayfantasy · Social Gaming Startup
The next evolution in social gaming is finally here! Click the link below to sign up: **********************************PLAY.MATCHDAYFANTASY.COM*********************************** Play fantasy football with the English Premier League, Football League Championship, or both. Share your content, have friendly competitions, and talk sport with your mates all on one platform. Sign up to pick your team and your contest, beginning with the first round of the Championship on Aug 4th. Everything is completely FREE. Enjoy our refreshing set of rules: unlimited squad changes every week, 1.5x pts for vice-captain, and no substitutions. We hope you enjoy our product and urge you to provide us with feedback and suggestions.