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Hey Product Hunt! Together with my partner in crime, @freddieiboy, we set out to build the next step of the product that I launched 4 months ago. Matcha is the culmination for my extension, Chrome IG Story. Quick re-cap of the hack: We invented our own mechanism of pseudo-fetching Instagram Stories from a particular location. There doesn't exist an API or a way to get a story from a location so we had to be creative and pioneer one. By expanding the reverse engineering of the private stories API used by my extension, we built a process that searches media on Instagram posted at a particular location, then we look to see if any of the users who posted that media have a story. We rely on the fact that someone posting a photo at a location within the last 24 hours probably has a photo on their story taken near that location as well. It’s definitely scrappy but this means that we can potentially show Instagram Stories from any part of the world but technology is rarely enough--a great product can profoundly touch people around the world. Freddie’s day job is a product designer at Tinder so he’s deeply fascinated by how technology can shape human behavior. He pushed for creating a new addictive TV product for a new generation. You can read more of his thoughts on his Medium article: We both deeply respect the product team at Instagram and we’re big fans of how much they’ve pushed the Instagram product in the past year. This is our small contribution. Btw, this is a beta launch so if some countries take a while to load, wait a minute, reload, or surf other countries. Also, performance might not be the best. We're working on optimizing everything since the browser is loading tons of stories. If you are in the US and have Top Live Videos enabled in your Instagram app, you can also watch (stream) Live Videos within Matcha - realtime comments and hearts coming soon. Enjoy Matcha.
@calialec @freddieiboy OMG. Love the product, love the name, I so wanted this! Wondering if the sort is the same as it is on instagram? I don't think it is 🤔 But great job! You two nailed it! btw, what's up with the countries sorting?
@ianissoawesome Thanks Ian, glad you love it! Right now the countries are randomly sorted every time you load the Explore tab. Once we acquire enough metrics about popularity, we will rank the trending countries first.
@calialec was thinking of the countries list under view all, seems like it's alphabetically sorted but it isnt. So weird. But found my country and discovered some cool folks around me 🔥
Looks interesting 👀
First page only showed stories for countries I don't reside in. Second page wanted my Instagram ID and password. Is this ok with IG/Facebook's TOS?
Will this be an app?