Mastermind by Baron Fig

A notebook that fits perfectly under your keyboard

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Mastermind by Baron Fig is one of our newest products. It started as an experiment, but our customers ended up *loving* it. Now the Mastermind is a standard part of our offerings.

Gezim Hoxha
Adam Kornfield
Joey Cofone
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  • Gezim Hoxha
    Gezim HoxhaFounder, Zip Recipes

    Thin and large large sized sheets


    They've changed the design so now it's 2 incomplete desk pads — one with no back and one with no front :(

    I saw this notepad here and it was my first time trying the dot grid pattern. It's beautiful!

    I ordered it from Canada and paid shipping and the first product I got was excellent. I didn't expect 2 notepads but I got 2 that were joined and you could tare off the split and use. My friends saw me used it and wanted one!

    Then I just re-ordered one again and this time it was much more different. The notepad comes in 2 notepads as well but the bottom one has no cover and the top one has no back cover. It's absurd! You can take this anywhere without looking like a careless middleschool student.

    To add insult to injury, I contacted Baron Fig and their Customer Experience Lead essentially calls me a liar saying, "[t]he packaging has stayed the same since day one."

    I'm looking for good dot grid notebook recommendations (must have large sheets).

    Gezim Hoxha has used this product for one year.
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Brian Kil
Brian KilHunter@bkil · BD,
Big fan of Baron Fig notebooks, and the Mastermind will be a great addition to the product line!
Adam Kornfield
Adam KornfieldMaker@adamkornfield · Co-Founder, Baron Fig
@bkil Brian thanks for the hunt! Been a blast making the new desk pad and so far people seem to be really liking it!
Greg Schwartz
Greg Schwartz@gregmschwartz · Building consumer products online
Baron Fig is always making new stuff -- love it all. Can wait for their bags to come out at well!
Adam Kornfield
Adam KornfieldMaker@adamkornfield · Co-Founder, Baron Fig
@gregmschwartz Thanks Greg. I'm a huge fan of Stork, you guys make the best t-shirts!
Adam Kornfield
Adam KornfieldMaker@adamkornfield · Co-Founder, Baron Fig
Co-founder Adam here. We designed the Mastermind as a desktop companion that is sized just right to fit under the Apple wireless keyboard. It has our signature dot grid that many people love (including me!). The pack comes with two desk pads, each just high enough that your hands can rest on it without disrupting your work flow, but there if you need it.
Marc Champagne
Marc Champagne@marcchampagne · Co-Founder, Kyō App
@adamkornfield Nice, congrats cofounder Adam and team!!
Adam Kornfield
Adam KornfieldMaker@adamkornfield · Co-Founder, Baron Fig
@marcchampagne Thanks Marc!!
ZEFAREU@deleted-846654 · Headline.
Just so I'm clear.... this is a notepad with blank sheets? What sets this notepad apart from other (cheaper) alternatives?
Joey Cofone
Joey CofoneMaker@joeycofone · Co-founder, Baron Fig
@idahole_dot_com Dag, good Q! There's only so much improvement that can be done to a paper pad or notebook—or so one would think. Our belief is that quality design and manufacturing happens in the details, especially for products that have literally been around for centuries. At first glance, it's just a pad; but then you start to use it on your desk and realize you've never had a pad quite like this. The size is just right (we tested dozens), the dot grid is refined to the nth degree (the right color and value so that they're dark enough to be used, but fade away when you don't need them), and the paper quality is fantastic (takes all kinds of writing instruments, including fountain pens). Hope that helps!
Arieh Movtady
Arieh Movtady@ariehmovtady · Founder of Taylo
Been buying the notebooks ever since you fist came out on Product Hunt. Wish I can buy a package of 3 with the large, medium, and small notebooks together. Also, kind of annoying that notebooks are a two dollars below free shipping, making us buy packs of two at once. But, business is business, and I'm glad you guys are still kicking.
Adam Kornfield
Adam KornfieldMaker@adamkornfield · Co-Founder, Baron Fig
@ariehmovtady Thanks for the good words appreciate it! We've been working hard on adding more variety and options, going bit by bit. Glad you're digging the notebooks!