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I've had to browse a bit to get answers to these FAQs: - What happens if you need to change the password for a site, because of a security breach for example? -> You have to increment the "site counter" in the app and remember the number you're at to generate the correct password. - What happens if the site doesn't support special characters or the length of the default generated password? -> You have to select a different password type which will use a different recipe. So in theory a nice idea, but I think after a few years of using it you'll have to remember far too many site's "counters" and "password types" to be practical.
First thing I see on that site is my Chrome telling me the site is not secure... 'using SHA-1 signatures and my connection may not be private'. Gotta fix something like that if you're trying to get people to entrust their passwords to you....
I still think keepass is the best solution so far ;)
Long ago, I used to use http://crypto.stanford.edu/PwdHash/ for this. The counters and password types are a nice innovation though. This data can be synced without risk because the master password is always needed to generate site passwords.
Master Password is not another password manager. This app will replace all your passwords with new strong passwords generated from your new master password; passwords are stored nowhere and need no sync, cloud or backups
@erictwillis read the site info and something's are not clear. 1) corporates have strange password rules and expiration policies. How will this be handled. 2) for the same master password, password type and site name, passwords generated will be same no matter which device this app is running. Is that true? If true, then we have problems. A) if master password is lost/forgotten , u have to set new master password and regenerate site passwords on all devices (where this app is installed) and also reset the passwords on each target site.
@sridhar_kondoji b) if master password is stolen anyone can steal all your site passwords with ease.