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Turn sketches into prototypes (new iOS & Android apps)

#5 Product of the WeekDecember 16, 2014
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Hey everyone, We've been working hard on Android and iOS apps over the last few months, with iOS8, combining iPad and iPhone into a universal app and now Material Design, there's been tons to do so pretty happy we got these out. The apps allow you to create tappable (or clickable) app prototypes by taking photos of sketches and then linking those sketches together to form an interactive app demo. Once you're done, you can share it with anyone on any device (including desktop) as every prototype is hosted on a unique URL. We've also added the ability to upload images (and PSDs) from Dropbox plus any file on Creative Cloud (including PDF) so you can basically create high fidelity prototypes without needing to be near a computer. Everything is synced with your online Marvel account too (www.marvelapp). The aim is to lower the barrier to bringing your ideas to life. Marvel is already being used in hundreds of schools and universities to inspire the next generation of makers, amazing to see the app being used like this Happy to answer any questions! Cheers Murat
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@mutlu82 Without looking into much detail yet, this reminds me of POP: ( How are you guys different / better / worse?
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@malcolmcasey Well both will give you the same end result, a prototype made from images. We have some features they don't, like a drawpad where you can doodle directly on the screen and turn that into part of your prototype. We use the Dropbox chooser in the iOS and web app too, meaning you have access to any file in your DB, rather than only ones in a specific folder like on Pop. I think in terms of UX and features of both, it's always going to come down to your personal preference (i'm biased :), it's worth giving our web app a try and the apps and see what works best for your workflows.
@mutlu82 Proper work man... always kicking ass!
One of the reason i love Marvel is they finally help me to sketch on napkins and make a prototype out of that ! LOL Love what you guys are doing.
Android release for the awesome Marvel App.
Great app! There is a big need for this.
One of the best, easy-to-use prototyping apps. Period.