Marriage Material

An app to help you decide if you should get married (or not)

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If you need an app to help decide whether you should or shouldn't get married, you may have a slightly larger issue on your hands :)
@jbriscoe @dbonev Big Leaps should be preceded by Big Thinking. It’s not really the app…it’s about the decision process. The idea behind Marriage Material was pretty simple: Firstly, the honeymoon stage is great, but not every boyfriend makes a good husband, and not every girlfriend makes a good wife. How do you know if your partner has the qualities you need in a long term marriage. Secondly, it’s a big stakes decision and deserves some critical thinking. Thirdly, it’s hard to get good relationship advice. What if you could line up 100 married couples and get advice from them. That’s really the BIG IDEA…learning from happy couples who’ve gone before you in order to understand and improve your relationship. Putting my product hat on, the main reason we choose to package it up in app form is because we wanted to make the app as approachable as possible for users to take (on the subway, bathroom, couch), anonymous, and if you so choose, conversational (amongst friends while hanging out, or with your partner at dinner). The desktop environment didn’t really fit for this initial launch. Lastly, @jbriscoe congrats on the Big Engagement
@dbonev @bobertx3 wicked response - and appreciate the insights.
Hi, I'm Bobby, one of the creators of Marriage Material. This was one of those “we created it for ourselves” ideas, soon found out it helped our friends understand and improve their relationships, and so we packaged it up in app form. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have. We really just started, have bigger things to come, so any feedback would be valuable. Also, if you have a good story about how this app could help you or someone you know, we’d love to hear it. How do you currently go about deciding if your partner is Marriage Material?
I downloaded the app and went through all of the different modules or "quizzes." I really liked it - certainly wouldn't solely rely on this to make a decision as big as who you are going to marry but it's a really helpful (and fun!) tool to sort through what's important to you in a partner and consider all aspects of your relationship. It can be so easy to just hold on to what's working and ignore areas where you are not so compatible. I am engaged and it validated a lot of what I was already feeling about why I am marrying my fiancé and why we work together so well. There were a couple a-ha moments on what I know we can work on but are not deal-breakers. Definitely recommend checking it out!
I don't think your app description/tagline should be so binary. This seems more like an app to understand each other, rather than something that works as a deciding factor for whether you should get married or not.
@tzhongg true. maybe the married part is just for marketing :P
Agree with both of you. This is not the tagline we typically use. @tzhongg we typically say Helping you make the biggest decision of your life, which is true for some people, but not all. However, from a marketing standpoint, be bold and own it, right? @eriktorenberg You're spot on. It's about continuous improvement, not binary decisions. We spoke with many relationship experts who said most of their clients don't seek out help, until relationship behavior becomes toxic. We're trying to make learning about and improving your relationship more approachable. So, we also like to use the tagline Helping you find a happy and healthy relationship. We're open to suggestions though? And maybe the admins that be at Product Hunt can update?
@rrhoover and I just did our latest forbes video about valentines day products so this is particularly on our mind. I'd be really curious for results if anyone uses this.