Turn your return claims into a growth engine

MARQ dramatically reduces return claims and improves customer satisfaction. Using MARQ, online retailers can effortlessly record packing process and send timestamped videos to their customers.
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Hi Product Hunt, Usually when online brands start scaling, reducing product returns becomes a priority. According to Shopify, e-commerce returns will cost an average online retailer more than 30% of its sales by 2020. That's why we thought retailers might be interested in finding out how MARQ can help reduce product returns and protect their products. MARQ is a startup founded by a small team of engineers. We built a software tool that automatically records the packing process, sends recorded videos to customers, and expedites the return dispute process. Taking videos of the packing process can prevent customers from filing false product returns or abusing generous return policy. Using MARQ, online brands can reduce product returns by 95% and resolve each return dispute in 30 seconds. We designed this software after we realized that online retailers are spending too much time and money dealing with product returns. We strongly believe in the benefits of sending packing videos to customers. We would love everyone, or more specifically, online retailers to give MARQ a try. (
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