Easily create design specs for Photoshop & Sketch

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 14, 2015
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For anyone looking for just a Sketch solution, I'd recommend Sketch Measure. Free plugin that looks like it includes some of the basic functionality. I've been using it with all my clients recently. Saves a ton of time for everyone involved.
This looks super useful. Years ago I worked with a designer that spent ~30% of her time annotating specs (!!!).
Reminds me of Zeplin
@toobulkeh Yup! I've used Zeplin in production, even though it's still in beta. Our team loves it.
I like the simple UI after importing. After Markly understands all your interface elements, you can add, remove, change specs super fast. Great tool! The website also does a good job of demoing and letting you try it out that functionality.
@nettdrone Great hunt! I personally would like to try the demo / trial before buy (though website is solid).
This looks suuuuuper useful. So awesome