MarketPlan 2.0

Map, plan, project, analyze & optimize your marketing

MarketPlan Version 2.0 makes it easier to plan, execute, analyze and optimize your marketing strategies and funnels. Map out your campaigns, assign tasks and to-do's to your team, show it to your clients, track and optimize with real-time analytics, and scale.
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Hello everyone! I am the CEO and founder of and we are beyond excited to launch MarketPlan 2.0 here on ProductHunt. When my team and I started MarketPlan over two years ago, we built it as an MVP to solve my own marketing headache of using 10+ apps, scattered all over the place, with limited connectivity between them and my team. The goal was to create one app that would give us congruency in not only our own marketing, but in our workflow surrounding it as well. Fast forward and MarketPlan was met with such positive feedback after our launch here on ProductHunt from marketers, agencies, businesses, and others who were getting rid of their marketing headaches like us, and making a lot of money while they were at it. Since then, we have taken our 10+ In One Built for Marketing Apps to the next level, including Live Mode which allows our users to track their funnels live and make real decisions based off of real data directly from their funnels. So, not only can marketers map and plan their campaigns, collaborate with their team, and run dynamic cost and sales forecasts in MarketPlan, but they can set it all live with one click and watch their real time stats update right in front of their eyes. But that was only mid 2019... This is 2020, and we have been hard at work taking what was just a minimum viable product, and turning it into what we believe will be The Marketing Platform of 2020 and Beyond. Welcome to MarketPlan 2.0. The All In One Marketing App that gives you the ability to map, plan, execute, collaborate, project, and optimize your funnels all from one place. Back again here with a fulfilled roadmap of promised features we have been so excited to finally bring to the public. Things like: Beautiful new UI/UX Team chat app Team and client permissions Redesigned, more powerful kanban Custom agency and whitelabel settings Brand new canvas action apps for precise traffic flows All of this on top of the already successful platform making people thousands of dollars in their businesses and agencies. All of this in MarketPlan 2.0. But we aren't stopping here. No, we are going BEYOND in 2020 with an entire 5 Phases to a World Class Marketing System. What you're seeing here today is just Phase 1. Coming up this year we plan on launching: MarketPlan 2.0 (Out Now) Our New Way Task Manager All New Mini Apps Integrated CRM Mobile App Now while all of these Phases deserve a post all to themselves, let it suffice to say here that MarketPlan is going places in 2020 and beyond. Our only question to you is: Are you coming with us? If you want to see more, head over to and check out everything we have to offer.
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Lead Developer John here. I can't tell you how excited we are for the release of MarketPlan 2.0! It has set a new bar for your product and service mapping, planning and implementation processes! So many new features to be excited about. The new team collaboration sections are amazing and will help your workflow processes, your team communication and in turn your profits soar through the roof! The Agency White Label capabilities can really help you WOW those new or existing customers if you run a marketing agency. Check it out, we're positive you'll absolutely love it!
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@john_berdahl Thanks John :) I think I may have made your other account the "maker"
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Hi Tyler from MarketPlan here! COO of MarketPlan. We are so excited to finally unveil marketplan 2.0 to the public. And we truly do believe that this is the marketing platform of 2020 and beyond :). We are here to help you guys every step of the way!
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MarketPlan v2.0 launched today and in just a few hours I’ve planned an entire funnel and finished my course! — reduced my browser tabs to less than 10 because I can launch my cloud-based apps within MP — edited my course in half the time (no more wondering which tab I was on) — improved my focus because I don’t get distracted by other tabs and I know which funnel I’m working on — simplified my to do list as it’s right in the app so I don’t need to switch between apps and copy-paste links — eased my frustrations with so many moving parts in planning a campaign All this on the first day of launch. Congrats and thank you MP team for building an amazing product! 🎉
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@eightcorners Wow, that's great! Glad to hear you're finding it so easy to get more organized once everything is right in front of you.
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Hey, I'm the lead developer of, I have been with the team for 2 years now and this is our biggest update yet. I'm so glad everyone can now experience 2.0 and send us feedback! Always looking for new ways to improve the app overall.
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