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Human-curated resources to boost your MarTech skills

Marketing Robots is a one-stop hub for anyone trying to learn about the most in-demand skills in Tech Marketing right now.

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Hello Product Hunters 👋 Maker here. Marketing Robots has been my side project for the last couple of months and I’m super excited about sharing it with you all today. Some context behind the product: 😓 Problem: - Boosting your skills in tech marketing is a bit broken today. - The discipline is still relatively new, which means there’s a lack of formal training for both marketing students and professionals trying to adapt to this new data-driven world. - There are tons of marketing assets being published every day on a wide range of topics, so it’s hard to find quality resources to stay on top of the latest trends and tactics. ✨ Solution: - As a marketing ops nerd myself, I started building Marketing Robots as my own private repository of useful content to perform my day job. - A few months back, I decided to build a first MVP just for fun using Sheet2Site (by the super talented @andreyazimov). Marketing Robots Beta got very some positive feedback and v1.0 launches today! - The site gathers highly-curated learning materials from top content creators, focusing on the most in-demand skills that any tech marketer needs to master (Marketing Automation, Web Analytics, SEO, PPC, etc). - The goal is to provide a hyper-relevant source of content for anyone trying develop a career in Tech Marketing. I’d love to hear your feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions! Thank you 🤖🙏
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@agurejon congrats with the launch! Happy that 📗Sheet2Site helped you!
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Very interesting concept! As a marketing student I feel that there is definitely a need here as none of my courses really go into depth about tech marketing at all.
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Hey @bram_taylor thanks for the feedback and glad to hear you find it useful! If you have any thoughts on topics you'd like to be covered please let me know 👍