Marketing Inspo curates & adds the best marketing landing pages, Growth case studies, podcasts, videos, articles, guides & more to inspire marketers like you for growth. Sourced by the community, continuously.
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Hey Product Hunt Community 🖐❤️ My name is Dan and I'm a growth marketer based in Sydney, Australia 😊 It's just recently in the past few months that I have really got involved and learnt more about the community and I have never realised how fun it is to just make things 😊 As part of one of the many projects I will be building, I decided I wanted to build a marketing resource site! I have been a growth marketer for over 6+ years and live and breathe marketing and often get asked by other startups or growth marketers what are some of the best resources I know they can get some learnings from. So... I decided to create Marketing Inspo 😊 In Marketing Inspo, I share and curate what I believe are the BEST resources for marketers or anyone who wants to learn more about growth! In Marketing Inspo I curate; 👉Best Landing Pages 👉Best Growth Resources 👉Best Marketing Podcasts 👉Best YouTube Videos 👉Best Books & eBooks 👉Best Facebook Groups 👉Best Case Studies I've spent a decent amount of time building this and it's very much the early stages! 🚀Oh yeah! Every 2 weeks I will be sharing some of the latest growth resources with you... all for free of course 💪❤️ I am always looking for more awesome resources so if you have any that I have missed, please let me know 😊 I hope you enjoy this site and get some value! Hopefully you come across something you've never seen before! 😊 Let me know any feedback you may have, whether more resources or ways to improve the site! 😊
Awesome. Something i was looking for.
@frazanjum Thank you Fraz! That's awesome you were finding something like this! Amazing to get a great comment already haha!
great product! will use it very often. it's really useful for me as web designer <3
@mariia_kulida Thank you Mariia for the comment! Yeah true it's more geared towards marketers rather than web designers but hey if Web Designers like it too that's great too haha :)
a very, very, vert neat (and very useful) curation here. great work
@jwelch Hey James thank you for the comment and glad you find it very, very, very neat hahaha ;)
Hey everyone! What does everyone think so far? :) - Have received some great feedback so far! What resources should I consider adding more of in the short term?
Landing Pages
Growth Resources
Marketing Podcasts
YouTube Videos
Books & eBooks
Facebook Groups
Case Studies
Something else? :)
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