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Great, succinct newsletter with very unique and interesting examples! Follow the twitter account if emails isn’t your thing.
@hikikomori_arm very lovely comment. appreciate that!
Invaluable modern marketing lessons - the only marketing newsletter I subscribe to actually. Harry covers everything from self-promo on Reddit to adding shareable Twitter threads to your website. In fact, I made a 'Harry thread' on Twitter when I interviewed Harry myself for . You can check it out here:
@petecodes Thanks a lot Pete. Very flattering comment. Good luck with No CS Degree. It's a cool project :)
Articles written to teach you something, not the usual 5k words of fluff to game SEO. Recommended.
@luqa Thanks you Luca. And yeah, exactly the point!
This isn’t just a rehash of marketing stories heard a hundred times over by those who are in the start up world. The examples are unique and written super succinctly - this is good stuff.
@giles_gunning Love it. Thank you big dog :)
Real world marketing examples without unnecessary fluff. Most of them are good, some are great & few are exceptional. For most content marketing sites, as time passes, the quality decreases but even after so many examples, the quality is exceptionally high. Learning something new everyday. Keep up the good work Harry 👏
Outstanding content quality and consistency. Very few websites can do this. An amazing way to learn and get inspired by successful marketing. Harry is the man!
@gvrizzo Haha! Thanks Grizzo. Really appreciated man
Great stuff! Just looking at the titles and I'm already intrigued.
@andrei_negrau Cheers Andrei. Thank you for checking it out!
Loving what Harry has been doing. Have been reading his work from day one, it has been a great source of inspiration for
@frankdilo Thank you Francesco. Much appreciated :) I enjoyed looking through your site the other day.
The quality of the examples and how they are broken down is just fantastic. Really brilliant content and guides. looking forward to the newsletter every week too :)
@jamesmkenny James, seriously lovely comment. Thank you very much :)
Congrats mate! I think too many makers underestimate the power of good marketing, your platform brings actionable insights and a way to discover great use cases. By the way, you make a point by sharing your examples through different medium like Twitter threads.
@yesnoornext Vincent! A lovely comment to read. Thank you for your continued support.
🎉Congratulations on the launch @harrydry! I've really been enjoying your writing and actionable steps. Dribble for marketers is a great summary.
@sgoudie Thanks Samuel. Gives me good inspiration to keep the quality up! Cheers!
These summaries on marketing tactics provide a huge amount of value. I'm really excited about this product and expect to see it grow fast as there is no serious competition, maybe only Zest Enlight and it's a different beast, a digest of others' content (you can find a lot of crap as well). Best of luck!
@migueealejandro1 Thank you Miguel! Lovely comment. Really lovely in fact. That's the thing. As soon as you make a digest of others content the quality drops massively. Interested in any thoughts about how to keep quality high and include user generated stuff?
Useful, actionable stuff @harrydry well done!
@louisnicholls_ Thanks Louis! Appreciate that :)
Read a few of these and they're not only super informative but really engaging too! Super well done on all the hard work 🙌
@rmahtani93 Thanks Rohan. Lovely comment. Thank you for taking the time to read :)
One of the best Newsletter Subscription for the Marketing World. Highly Recommended.
@shivbhadrasinhgohil High praise indeed. But thank you very much Shivbhadrasinh!
This is great. I love the no-fluff way of explaining things. Concise, actionable and very fun to read. Stay gold.
@albertmakes Thanks for reading Albreto. No fluff is the name. Marketing is the game :)
Found myself reading most of them, can't wait for more!
@liz_zvereva Thank you Liz! More coming soon :) If you come across any cool marketing examples please do let me know :)
This is awesome! As a marketer, I know all of the tactics and principles in theory, but the first thing I do with any new project is pull a bunch of past examples for inspiration. This saves me a lot of trouble.
@pachanas Cheers Pat. Exactly the idea of it :)
Harry is a badass!!!
@enthusiausted Don't really know what to say. Thank you Marco!
This site is awesome. Love it. Love it love it love it. Harry know's what he's doing.
@jake_casey1 Cheeers Jake. High praise indeed. Thankful!