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Hi all, I'm the author of the report. This is a super complex market -- we confirmed in the research that the greatest challenge in selecting a vendor is simply understanding the differences in functionality between them. So the report segments vendors into categories and shows what features they provide. Includes data from 243 MAP users on vendor selection, features, increasing ROI and more. Also includes data from 24 vendors, plus data from Datanyze on market share and what features people filter by most from FindTheBest. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks :)
"There are up to 200 vendors in the marketing automation universe. Probably 40 that matter. And each has a confusing mix of features and functionality that can be challenging to understand, compare, and contrast. This report will help you wade through the swamp." At over 24,000 words, this impressive and extensive buyer's guide will help anyone investing in a marketing automation platform make the right decisions. Great work by the author and analyst, Andrew Jones.