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#2 Product of the DayJune 20, 2015
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Really similar to this: but still awesome!
Just found this on Hacker News. I like that you can vote for the tools you're using.
@v4violetta Thanks for submitting!
Really interesting. I use a lot of these tools myself so it's fairly accurate and the design of the site is very pleasing. I like the "card" set-up. I agree with with @xzarexhc that it's very similar to as well.
This was hunted a month ago, unless I'm missing something?
@fredrivett Hey Fred, Market was hunted, this is selection of useful tools that we put together.
@fredrivett Hey Fred, I guess it's not the same. The first link is all about our marketplace.
@stsilent @fredrivett It's a bit confusing. When I enter I don't really know what to do. It looks like a short list of products that currently are being promoted. On the other hand, is superuseful.
@stsilent @konradcaban @fredrivett I guess as it's the same name it is a bit confusing. Took me about a minute to work out the differences, but it is late here. It's like a sub-page with a separate offering under the same name, right?
@fredrivett yep, we don't think that this mini project need to be on the different domain name, so we made it on Market. Cause it's related what we do here. But I agree with you, it's a bit confusing. I think it cause of title of this submission :) Anyway, it's too late to change something. Just to make it clear: 1) Market - Marketplace of highly selective products for designers 2) "Tools" on Market - List of top tools for designers, developers and marketers Have a great weekend guys!
Not sure why I just got a desktop notification about this product, but cool!