Beautiful icon transformations.

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You all seem to really like this stuff. Here are a few others neat design libraries and other resources: - Sweep.js - A JavaScript library for smoother color transitions - The Pattern Library - Free to use patterns by awesome designers - Subtle Patterns - Free textures for your next web project. - Transparent Textures - Choose a color, choose a pattern, grab the CSS - CSS Gradients - Gradients using the new background-blend-mode property - Animate.css - Just-add-water CSS animations - Bounce.js - Create tasty CSS3 powered animations in no time - CODY - Free library of HTML, CSS, & JS nuggets What did I miss?
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@rrhoover Also for stock photos these free ones are amazing
@arjunram The recently hunted The Stocks is a great central location for stock photos:
@rrhoover I *love* animation.css, so sick. You missed Hover:
Beautiful. Reminds me of bounce.js.
Nice find @virjog, thanks. I don't really need this atm, but I don't think I'll be able to sleep until I force a way to integrate this beautiful library into my work somewhere! It's just too good :D
Hi guys! Glad to see Marka get mentioned here. It basically inspired by Delightful Design section on Material Design's spec (
That looks pretty interesting.