Marina Alterra

Virtual AI travel agent, a messenger bot

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Maker here, paying attention. Let me know if you have any questions! Our Marina is a virtual AI travel agent, a messenger bot. She can book hotels. She can also help travelers discover where to go on vacation and what to see there. Live on Facebook and Telegram messengers
@bilb02 Hey Sergei, congratulations on your bot launch! I'm curious about the "fuzzy" algorithms described on your webpage. What facet of AI are you using within your algorithm (Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, etc..)? I'm curious about what technologies developers use within their AI bots. :)
@_guled_ Thank you! It's mostly home-grown, simple stuff. Fuzzy = using continuous scoring functions instead of logic and/or. Some Pandora-like content based proximity. No DNN. yet :-)
@bilb02 I have found UI Bugs in the Bot. Will there be any Bug Bounty ?
@bilb02 Hi Sergei, great job on the bot!
Marina is great for booking hotels in specific cities.
So i tried it, it can't "actually" "book" hotel but sends link to book the hotel or am i wrong ? cool UX in the bot conversation btw
@uxdzen you are right
Hey Sergei! Love the concept. Curious about your views on the scope of the problem set and if/how Merina will handle increasingly complex queries over time.
does it keep an eye out for the best deals and stuff? can we plug in the api intelligence into other apps?
@samir_doshi Deals: no, not yet :-( API: did you mean add 3rd party AI to our Marina? Or add Marina's AI to 3rd party apps?
@bilb02 Hi there --- yeh we have an app @ --- and were building travel intelligence but hopefully we don't have to haha! we want to send you a req via api and then ping back suggestions for users that have expressed their intentions via our platform.
@samir_doshi sure. let's take it off-line. what's your email addr? mine