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This is a great update. I've always been torn between Maptia and Hi ( for location-based articles/essays, but this sets Maptia apart. Maptia was already an awesome source for travel content, so I'm pumped to see it improve even more. Content is easier (and more pleasing) to find, and the new "Totem" story editor is lovely (and calling each article a "story" is a nice touch). Can't wait to document my study abroad travels on here!
Great welcome letter upon login!
@mimurchison cheers Mike – we definitely agree with @rrhoover that those 'delightful surprises' can make all the difference!
Love the onboarding, really really slick
Howdy Hunters! For the past 1,000 days, my two co-founders and I have been on a startup (mis)adventure spanning four continents and via Techstars and Startup Chile, whilst on our journey to build Maptia. Today we’re thrilled to release the all-new Maptia 2.0 into the wild! We have been gathering a world of remarkable stories (so far covering 122/196 countries around the world) and our community of founding storytellers range from passionate amateurs to National Geographic Adventurers, and from nonprofits like charity: water to world renowned photographers such as Steve McCurry. Hope you enjoy exploring and comment below if you have any questions for us!
@jonnym1ller congrats on the launch. beautiful layouts. this is my favorite page on the site:
Congrats, @jonnym1ller and team. :) I have to ask the unfair question: what's your favorite story on Maptia?
@rrhoover phew, tough one! Can we have two ;) In terms of photography, Steve McCurry’s ‘Colors of Afghanistan’ is sublime (we haven’t featured this yet so it’s a Product Hunt sneak peak!) However as British founders, we also found the ’Subterranean London’ story that exposes glimpses of London’s hidden underworld absolutely fascinating: