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Hi PH'ers! We've been busy at Mapme building a new product, while continuing to grow our classic mapping product. Excited to share it with you and hear your thoughts. We think that maps have the potential to become their own medium of storytelling and this product can make that happen. Mapme Stories is an incredibly easy tool for sharing stories through maps. Here are some examples: Top veggie places in Berlin Euro 2016 stadiums (Creation from web, usage from anywhere. ) It takes minutes to create something like that. You can embed videos, gifs, images, links, buttons all within the content. And of course you can easily share or embed them anywhere. You can even create custom maps, and upload your own background: The state of Westeros in Season 5 GOT Team Real Madrid (That's still in beta, if you want to try it out, ping us at support@mapme.com) If you want to give it a try, check out http://app.mapme.com ✌️ Love to hear your thoughts, thanks! ben@mapme.com
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@jpvalery Thanks! http://www.goal.com made that one, we'll let them know.
@benln @mapme I was doing something called MapItOff until the team broke off, and it was something a bit similar. This is cool! Also, have you checked out how Google tells a story when you take pictures and make one? (don't recall the name) there are cool inspiring things for a story like approach to maps there.
@joantune Nice! Google photos has an awesome feature that create maps with your photos. We want to do social integrations in future, pull from twitter etc.
@benln @mapme Awesome update guys! love the new background feature!
First of all - congrats! I really like the idea behind map stories. Coming back from a week in Tokyo, I know that it would've been awesome to have my trip as a map story and then hand it to other people as a suggested itinerary. Since most pics and videos we take are automatically geo-tagged, did you think about being able to upload photos and then simply have a suggested story (by locations and dates), something like Google Photos does, but better? Can't wait to see how it goes.
@yoavush Yes that's a great idea :)
Big fan of storytelling 2.0 and this is def a part of it. Good job guys.
@yoavvilner Yeah, learning from inspiring startups like Apester 😄
This looks very similar to Eater's 38 and Heatmap lists[1]. Even the pins are nearly identical. I really like this style for map content. I'm curious if Eater was an inspiration at all for this layout. http://sf.eater.com/maps/best-ne...
@callmeed We're definitely fans of Vox (eater) they've done an amazing job.
This is super cool! Great way to tell a story
@kobaiko Thanks Yair!