Connects top travel articles with maps

Introducing Map2Next - a map based solution to figure out where to go next. Ever spend hours getting up to speed on what to do in a new city? Map2Next connects articles from top content providers with maps to make them more accessible on-the-go.
I'm excited to share this with you all! There's a ton of information available online but it's hard to make sense of it all quickly. I think the answer involves connecting place recommendations so you can discover and navigate without having to shift between a ton of different apps and websites! Map2Next has caught the attention of some of the big brands! Available to download for free on the app store. Please let me know what you think :). What blogs do you follow when you travel or research what to do?
@map2next I typically don't have many good go-to resources when looking to travel. I basically just google things and hope that I like them. But I think that seems a bit naive. There could be things that would be perfect for me, but I just dont know. Conversely, there might be things I shouldn't waste my time on, yet I go to since that's the answer google gives me. Im just overwhelmed when I plan to travel. Would your app help me with this?
I travel alot I'll definetly check this out!
Love the product! Any plans on adding creator profiles that users can follow or tip/support?
@lachlankirkwood yes for sure. If you hit the search bar, you can search for people, and that's where we'll showcase creator profiles. With tips it would be cool to allow free form notes and we have that on the roadmap! Thanks for the feedback. What do you mean by support?
@map2next Sounds great! By support I just meant financially, similar to Patreons model for creators.
@paulcomba awesome. Let me know if you have any questions.