Map Pod

Quick, easy real-time location sharing for iOS

Map Pod is easy on/off, per user location sharing

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1 Review5.0/5

We made Map Pod so you can share your location without always having to be visible to your entire contacts list (Zenly/Snap/FindFriends) or having Big Brother sell your location to everyone on the web because they are watching/tracking everywhere you go (Gmaps/FBMessenger). It updates live unlike the dropped pins in iMessage or Whatsapp. And you might like using it more than Glympse.

It was our first project for iOS and it's free until we can't support it anymore (like when Whatsapp launched...) So love it or hate it, it's free and it's live, so tell us what you think!


Makes it easy to share with the people I send to most often. No ads, no selling your data, just free to use.


Similar features in other apps if you don't mind them selling your usage.