Unlimited premium design services for startups from $159/mo

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 14, 2018

ManyPixels is an unlimited design service for modern startups, agencies, and freelancers who need constant design help.


  • Joshua PinterProduct at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.

    Promises the world.


    Unfulfilled promises (but I did get my money back).

    I subscribed to the Pro and the iterations took too long and weren't great so I cancelled within the Full Refund period and still haven't seen the refund on my credit card.

    I'll update this every few days until on whether I get the refund or not.

    UPDATE: I did receive my full refund.

    Overall, if you have time and patience to get the design you want, this might be for you. But don't be fooled, as with all subscription design services, the initial designs are ones you find on AI generated logos. It takes lots of time and multiple iterations before you might get something that you want.

    Joshua Pinter has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    It's cheap


    It's cheap :)

    So far, I've used them to create a logo for a side-project as well as a branding guide. I will say that I've been very positively surprised by the quality. It's been better than what I had anticipated based on the price. Also, they're pretty good at communicating and are pro-active about expected delivery times, which I thought was really nice.

    Obviously, because it's so inexpensive, you can't really expect anything super high quality. I also don't think I would use them for more complicated projects where it requires to talk something through on the phone or in person before work can begin.

    That said, for side-projects, or relatively straight-forward one-off projects, I think this is great value for the price and I definitely plan to continue using my subscription. Even if I don't have anything to work on for a couple of weeks, it's not really an issue because the monthly cost is so low.

    Daniel Lang has used this product for one month.


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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
"Unlimited" designs for $159/mo seems too good to be true. There must be some restrictions or I could contract the design of an entire site or product at a fraction of market rate. I can't find details on this on the site. cc @vinrob
Robin Vander HeydenMaker@vinrob · ManyPixels
@rrhoover Hey Ryan. Here is an example of website we did for $159 in 10 working days: We are super process-driven and I am located in Asia where I work closely to the designers. Our designers handle on average 2 to 4 clients per month which is viable for us (though low margin). As regard to the tasks, we have added a column in the FAQ with how much you can realistically expect per month. You can definitely have a few landing pages, banners, a logo, icons, illustrations every month. However, you are right: This is tough as well to deliver and we need to be super good with our team and understanding requests. Right now this work for the number of subscribers we have (<100) but we will have to see what we do when we get to a higher number of subscribers (raising prices, limiting the scope, etc etc).
Romain Sourdiaux@imromains · 🍋
@vinrob Nice design !
Hans Desjarlais@ismaelyws · Indie hacker & maker of
@rrhoover @vinrob yeah rly nice design. I'm totally going to use this to create one-page designs for my WordPress themes.
Robin Vander HeydenMaker@vinrob · ManyPixels
@imromains Thanks!
Dragos Ivanov@ivandrag · Building @ - WLFC
@ismaelyws Hi Hans, is there any place where I can contact you?
Sara@sarabcole · Marketing Director - Eyecon
Looks interesting! - You are 1/3 the price of DesignPickle and offer more design types. How is this possible? (or better not to ask questions like this ;) - How many designers do you work with? And is it possible to request to work with several different designers for different design styles? - Do you work on social media ads?
Robin Vander HeydenMaker@vinrob · ManyPixels
@sarabcole 1. We are transparent about everything we do. Our designers are in Asia and I am too. Designers can handle 3 to 4 clients per month and we give them most of the money we make (we currently only earn a small salary per month for European standards). 2. Right now depending on the demand anywhere between 15 to 25 designers. Yes, you can during your subscription ask us to explore different styles of designs and then stick with the designer you like the most. This is a question we have had quite a lot so I will include it on the FAQ today! 3. Yes, actually we did a lot of social media ads. For example we did some for BigDish (a startup in Indonesia/Hong Kong/Philippines)
Hans Desjarlais@ismaelyws · Indie hacker & maker of
From 8+ years as a developer, finding a good designer was always an issue. First thing I thought when I checked out the site was "Yup i'd use that". Nice job :)
Robin Vander HeydenMaker@vinrob · ManyPixels
@ismaelyws Thanks. Anything we can improve / that was unclear / that needs to be there?
Hans Desjarlais@ismaelyws · Indie hacker & maker of
@vinrob Yes 1 thing is bugging me. The hero section. The blue BG is too much for me. maybe change it to an image. Also, try and minimize it as much as possible which will move the content below it a bit more above the fold.
Robin Vander HeydenMaker@vinrob · ManyPixels
@ismaelyws Okay, we are going to design some illustrations for the header or at least a more vibrant background. I will send them on Twitter and you will let me know what you think!
Hans Desjarlais@ismaelyws · Indie hacker & maker of
@vinrob Yup, no problem.
Daniel GreenbergHunterPro@15greenberg · Making weird internet
Super fast and super talented team :)
Robin Vander HeydenMaker@vinrob · ManyPixels
@15greenberg Thank you! We are happy to design for you and thanks for the submission. Happy to hear any questions or receive any feedbacks!
Matt Henderson 🚀Pro@juhaszhenderson · Building 24 products this year (8/24) 🚀
Russ PerryHiring@russperry · Founder, Design Pickle
Nice work Robin! It's always refreshing to see people enter into the productized design market with an original and smart approach. I've seen too many people simply try to knock off what we do, and, without a doubt, they fail. Best of luck and if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.
Robin Vander HeydenMaker@vinrob · ManyPixels
@russperry Thanks Russ! I will probably reach out at some point, you built a very interesting business!