ManyChat Bot For Coda

See leads from a ManyChat bot in a Coda doc via Integromat

Do more with your leads from a ManyChat messenger bot. This blog post shows you how to import your ManyChat leads with Integromat into a real estate CRM template built in Coda. With Coda, you can customize your CRM to meet your business workflows.
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2 Reviews2.5/5
It's been a blast working on this with @alchen and @fara_rosenzweig; super excited to see what people end up doing with this pack. While we chose real estate, you can customize this pack for any industry and do some much more with the data you gather from prospects and customers. When 3 powerful products come together, great things do happen! 🀝
Great work on this. Congrats to the team!
@andrew_davison Thanks Andrew, glad you like it!
Excited to build and launch this template with @irhymeth! ManyChat powers hundreds of thousands of chatbots and with their native integration with Integromat, you can now see leads from your Messenger bot right inside a Coda doc. This real estate CRM template turns your list of leads into a fully-functional CRM to help you focus on the leads that will drive your business forward.