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smdhruveHunter@smdhruve · CoFouder & BotFather @SuperFanAiBots
Vinay what inspired you to built this?
Vinay Gupta
Vinay GuptaMaker@vinee89 · Cofounder, Mannu
@smdhruve Hi Snehal, thank you for hunting Mannu. We started working on Mannu when we realised the need for a noise free platform to just provide information on the stocks. Couple of our friends invest in stocks, apart from the usual work they do; leaving little time to monitor the trading terminal or hear analysts all day to make some sense. This need gave us an idea to built a platform which we/our friends would use. We quickly built a product/bot on Telegram(which is still active & rocking). This got spread within the Indian trading community & we noticed spike in our userbase. People starting appreciating that we give LIVE prices & charts. We got motivated & added more cool features. Soon, Messenger opened its platform for bots & we started building there as well. Even though FB has tons of restrictions, we managed to built a decent bot. Our team is working hard to add all requests by our awesome users. We aim to get rid of keyboard button and for that are working on NLP. Will update on this soon.
Looks amazing! Nice job and good luck :)