Manager checklist is a handy cheatsheet of all the things every manager should regularly do. You can look through it once and copy to your to do list or you can regularly come back here and tick things off.

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Great product! I see you're using Tumblr to host it, as someone who uses tumblr (1mil subscribers) they will delete your account and your data if they notice you are using it for this sort of thing. If you want a good host, go host the code over on GitHub and use their GitHub Pages feature. Free, can use custom domains, and far more reliant. As I said great project, just make sure it stays online!
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@mxsawyer good advice, didn't know about that Macleod!
Hey folks 👋 Alex here, one of the creators of Manager checklist and co-founder at Teambit. A bit of a personal story. Back in 2013, myself and Bohdan were running our first startup. It grew from 4 to 9 people in a matter of months and, as first time managers, we found ourselves completely clueless on how to best support our team. Being a manager, especially a first time manager is tough. There are simply so many of things you need to keep in mind and so many things you just don’t know. Manager checklist is our effort at making the weight of being a manager more bearable. You can look through it once and copy to your to do list or you can regularly come back here to check stuff, but hopefully it will help you make sure you’re supporting your reports in the best way possible. I’m here to answer any of your questions!
@alexpotrivaev I'm reading The Checklist Manifesto right now (recommended read) and this will be a great addition to that!
@aurorakb thanks for a good read recommendation, Aurora
Smart Side-project
Localizing to many languages would be +50% to this one pager. Russian could be first :)?
@vladkorobov will think about that Vlad!
@vladkorobov @alexpotrivaev would be glad to translate to spanish if it was open source.
@arturo_ojeda that would be amazing Arturo 🙌 will ping you as we get to it
Would this tool be useful? I think every manager already does his job automatically and this checklist would only leave less time for the main job. This is only my opinion :)
@grigoryanararat Hey Ararat! The issue is that there is no intuitive way to be a great manager. And especially if you're a first time manager, it can get really stressful since you have no blueprint to rely on. That's why we hope it'll be helpful.
@alexpotrivaev Hope it will be useful for many :)