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Thanks for sharing us @_jacksmith! @bullingtone We’re currently running with many shorter-form reviews which is similar to Uncrate but we want to continue to create longer-form and more engaging stories whether it's 'best-of's' (like our 50 watches under $500 article), interviews with interesting people (i.e. Joel Parkinson), gift guides, photo shoots and travel stories. We have some exciting plans on the horizon, but what's probably more important, is to hear what would you like to see from us? @nikkielizdemere - While it's not the most fancy or extravagent of products, my favourite and something I use every day is the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet ( By far the greatest/thinnest/easiest/minimalist wallet I've ever used.
@scottymmp I like the trend towards longer-form - Uncrate's reviews are starting to feel like click bait and paid product endorsements. I also like the emphasis on culture- interviews, art, etc. No reason why men should be restricted to curated lists of 'stuff.' Subscribed! Excited to see what you roll out in the future!
Thanks @bullingtone. We do love 'stuff' though after all! It's mostly why we started the site that there wasn't anything similar in Australia. Both of us still work full time in other jobs (I'm in Finance and Frank works in Industrial Design) but we're hoping to do a lot more in-depth reviews and bring you guys some undiscovered Aussie brands in future. I guess we're a little more diverse in that we share videos we like, culture stories and art as well. Thanks for the feedback!
Okay, guys, what are your favorite products on man of many? 😎
@nikkielizdemere The Bellroy Wallet I mentioned below or everything on this list ;) -
Reminds me of Uncrate - what sets MoM apart? (besides being Australian)