Malwarebytes 3.0

A next-generation antivirus replacement

#2 Product of the DayDecember 11, 2016
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This stuff is the only thing that keeps Windows computers remotely close to half-usable. Good work guys, glad to see the new rollout!
@trey_hakanson and now Macs get viruses, too. Linux is the last hold out.
@thehashrocket Correct me if i'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure they could always get viruses, they just weren't as common and are pretty difficult to create viruses for.
@turboxide_ nope you're not wrong at all. As they became more popular the economic incentive to make viruses for them grew.
As good as MB is and has been for years, Windows users will do better practicing safe computer usage and for that they should never have a need for any virus protection.
@arthurgd3 which is why MSC users are even more vulnerable. They've never had to worry about it until the last couple of years.
@arthurgd3 First thing is make your main Windows account a non-admin
Literally on Skype to my parents in Canada (from Australia) as I type this, helping them resolve some malware issues. Very timely!
@rossdcurrie You should try Hitman Pro, always found this very useful when cleaning any machine up!
@southallmatty My approach is more like this: Q: How old is your computer? If (A > 2 years ago) "Throw it out and buy a new computer" Else "Format it and start again"
Found out that I had Adware on my mac. Thanks for helping me remove it!
Has proved very useful although I have not encountered any virus since a few years now.