A community of Makers sharing what they find interesting.

A community of Makers sharing and discussing what they find most interesting.
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Hi Everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ The idea behind came from my personal reading and discovery experience on Hacker News and watching almost every well-intentioned post devolve into a semi-hate fest of keyboard warrior battles when it was just someone wanting to share something they liked or had made. My original hope was to create a place that was more focused on the Maker community with a whole lot less of the angry enterprise worker debates. Feel free to signup on up (yes it's free), share it with your friends, strangers, your neighbor, and your dog if you're really bored. I'll be writing up a post on it soon which will be up here ➑️ at around 10 am EST (Give or take 1-2 hours). Thanks for checking it out and have a great day! -Eric
@realromangary Thanks! We'll have to see how this little experiment goes.
well done. hope it will works properly.
@gabrielebrook16 Thanks Gabriele!
good job, you could speed up the fading animation of the posts a little bit. :)
@eulerr Thanks Denis