Document your journey in a timelapse video

MarkerLapse is a cross-platform desktop app which records your screen and from screenshots or screen video and makes it like timelapse. it's like documenting your journey or your progress in a video format and get an overview of your day in a short video
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Hey, I'm a self-taught developer and I love watching speed coding videos and see how things are built-in timelapse video effects and I was inspired by Devon Crawford Video which he makes a script to automate his video editing process and it's built it with C and FFmpeg after that I come up with idea for cross-platform desktop app using Node js and FFmpeg which record your screen and after the recording is finished and it's will be converted to timelapse video with duration as requested without doing any editing I built Marketplace to document my journey as newbie indie maker and self-taught developer for my #12SideProjectsIn3Months Challenge I'm very excited to hear your feedback about it Feel free to leave any questions, feature requests on comments section :) Thanks, Ilias
There is something very cool about watching time lapse videos. Neat to be able to do it ourselves without knowing how to use fancy tools for it.
@jenniferrrrrooo Thank you so much for your feedback . That great and this what I want to get before building makerlapse . I just want to press button and start recording my screen and after that stop recording and choose timelapse video duration and it's done and you have a timelapse video
Awesome work, really great product! Would love if there was a free tier for a small amount of recording time. Would be a great way to trial the product πŸ‘
@lachlankirkwood Thank you so much for your feedback :) Great idea, I love it and I'll be working on asap
Great, there should be a home page too apart from Gumroad page
@tahaqadri You're right . I need to have a landing page to showcase the product but I just wanna get feedback about the idea product and I want ship fast to get comments and feedback about the idea and the product Thank you so much for your feedback