Live Twitter embeddable GIFs of your Product Hunt stats

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#MakerGoals is Live Twitter embeddable GIFs of your Product Hunt stats



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Kalina ZografskaMaker@kzograf · Product fella @trygigster & @publitas
Hey there! So, it’s me, @mightyalex and @i_boshkov making #MakerGoals for the Product Hunt Hackaton this weekend! If #RelationshipGoals is for love, and #SquadGoals is for entertainment, #MakerGoals is all about your status on web, i.e. what your Product Hunt metrics are! We made a mashup of top 500 makers on ProductHunt, animated their achievements in a live gif dashboard to make the top achievements interactively sharable over Twitter. Further down the line, we want to open up this service to all makers and hunters! We’re hoping we can provide value with insight for who the top makers are, and extrapolate from there how to achieve your own #makergoals. If you think this is useful or just fun, please use the button “Get your own #MakerGoals" to let us know.
Seth Louey@sethlouey · 🙌 2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee
Well, at least I made the list. ;) Cool weekend hack. It actually made me contemplate what was important on PH, votes or products made. Wondering if the algorithm could be a combination of the two rather than just relying on upvotes.
Kalina ZografskaMaker@kzograf · Product fella @trygigster & @publitas
@sethlouey Thanks Seth, we had a blast :) The scope is metrics presented in a cool way for now, but you are right that it could grow to be a cool algorithm to getting to the core of the Maker DNA.
Alice Thwaite@alicelthwaite · Founder, Hattusia & Echo Chamber Club
Nice list @kzograf !
Kalina ZografskaMaker@kzograf · Product fella @trygigster & @publitas
@alicelthwaite Thanks :) One day maybe, we'll be on it huh? :)
Dylan Feltus@dylanfeltus · Designer @ConvertKit
The GIF idea is cool but doesn't seem to be working 😞
Kalina ZografskaMaker@kzograf · Product fella @trygigster & @publitas
@dylanfeltus We're fixing a few things we broke earlier, will be up soon :)
Kalina ZografskaMaker@kzograf · Product fella @trygigster & @publitas
@dylanfeltus fixed, you can tweet yours as much as you like now (hint: scroll to 88) :) will be up for the entire Product Hunt community soon too!
Dylan Feltus@dylanfeltus · Designer @ConvertKit
@kzograf nice! Thanks for the follow up 😀