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I like this. We've discussed creating similar content, highlighting makers/founders and their story through Product Hunt. We don't have the bandwidth to focus on it now, so it's cool to see someone working on it.
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@rrhoover Really neat to see makers from Kickstarter, PH, and Indiegogo to name a few. I like this. As Seth Godin says, "When we see a kid with a lemonade stand, it's different than when we see a vending machine selling lemonade, even if it's exactly the same product. Because the story around it is what people are paying for. So when I meet small business people, all I ask them is not what's their balance sheet, but what's their story. Why should I pick you? Why do I care about what you are doing? And if you start giving me all these inside baseball statistics about why you are 2% better than some other competitor I am already glazed over because that's not part of how I see the world."
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@irvingtorresyc couldn't agree more. thanks!
@bhanu keep up the good work. No problem.
@rrhoover I'd love to see that!
I have been thinking about creating something similar (or at least wanting to see something like this): The longform founder stories. Great to see it here cc @bramk
Hey Product Hunters! Great to be here. We're a small startup in SF, with a pre-launch product, and this is our blog. We're building a platform for the world to discover "the human side of products" - the talented people and inspiring stories behind them. If you want to tell your maker story, or are inspired by discovering the stories and people behind products, please signup for our upcoming beta at www.maker.me. Thanks for checking us out and spreading the word. We can't wait to have on @maker.
@maker @bhanu Really nice initiative. Especially inspiring for starting entrepreneurs and angel/seed stage ventures. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that most companies started in a room with a bunch of passionate people working late.
The story behind each product is always tied so deeply to the people behind it that its almost a crime that these stories don't have a natural way to be shared. We've all worked in teams and understand that dynamic and what it takes for an awesome group of people to come together and create something wonderful that the world falls in love with. How fantastic would it be to hear that story first hand? For example, I'd love to know the nuance of how the Tesla OS came about and who all were involved in the conception and execution of the idea. These stories make product discovery (and experience) even more fascinating and emotional. Maker Stories is going to allow, once and for all, the human side of every product on the planet (stretch goal!) to finally be revealed and for the "Real Slim Shady's" to "Please stand up." :-)
@rrhoover @eriktorenberg glad you guys like our blog. @Maker (our product, coming early next year) we're building a place for makers to tell the stories behind their products.
Super stoked to see the www.maker.me Beta, Bhanu is amazing and doing great work for Makers everywhere :-D