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Hi there! We made MakerMVP in order to help people who have an idea but may not be able to execute it. MakerMVP is a place where a community of makers provides insights and qualitative feedback to help you build your idea. Submit your idea, set your budget and if selected, your idea will be added to the “Candidates” voting wall for even more discussion. If you’ve launched on PH before, let us know if you’d like to participate as a maker for MakerMVP. If you wish to submit a product, you can use the plus sign on the homepage or via this link - Edit: btw, you can follow us on twitter for updates:
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@oelmekki Woohoo MakerHunt strikes again. This is an AMAZING opportunity for makers to get access to the best makers in the biz - I've had the pleasure to work alongside many of these for the last few months and it has been so great! Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing what amazing MakerMVPs end up on Product Hunt :)
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@oelmekki This makes total sense, connecting those who need help with those who can give it. As Ben says, there have been a tonne of great products come out of the collaboration at MakerHunt, so this should take it to the next level. Excited to see where this goes!
@bentossell the MakerHunt effect!
@fredrivett Yea agreed, I've got so much from the MakerHunt community. I'm looking forward to seeing some awesome discussions and products come out of MakerMVP! :-)
This is AWESOME. Just think of the babies... :D
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@violetanedkova Hope there will be many! I'm also curious to see how helpful will be the discussions for ideas that will not be selected.
Big thank you from all us non technical people who are struck with ideas and don't know how to bring them to life - just brilliant! :D
@iangelidaki We hope that this will help your ideas come to life. :)
I'm stoked on this idea! I think it really solves the quality problem of two sided marketplaces. Instead of going to some freelance site where someone will make your site for $1 an hour from a third world country, you can really ensure that your product is being made by real, talented people who understand startups. Can't wait to see where this goes!
Happy to be the upvoter that takes you to 200. Thanks Daniel Kempe for the heads up on this product