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I'm a member and I love the energy in the community and how helpful everyone is. As for the AMA's, they're... beyond. Should be writing some sort of roundup one of these days. ;)
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@v4violetta Thanks a ton, Violeta. You’re awesome :) Glad you're finding the AMAs pretty ace.
Great article on MaketHunt, @v4violeta - made me open PH today! Not sure if you had me already, @erictwillis. Now you do.
Just over 3 weeks ago, we created a community for Product Hunt makers to get together and share information that wouldn't fit into the discussion right on Product Hunt. I talk briefly about that here: It has blossomed to 100s of makers who share interesting content, network for job opportunities, provide feedback for pre-launch products, and a host of other things. We've also done daily AMAs with great entrepreneurs who've been gracious enough to share their valuable perspectives with the community. The idea is to help makers become better makers and hopefully launch better products on Product Hunt. Soon, we'll be releasing some tools that will also help "non-makers" contribute
Also you can find previous AMAs on our medium channel here: We have had some amazing insights into the minds of some fantastic makers.
Keep up the good work @erictwillis ! Loved the ama with @sandimac and hear her stories on Quibb & PH :D Also met some great makers so far that I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with. Amazing platform to further connect with other makers and share detailed learnings! @christoy @_bgian @daspianist etc ;)
Eric has done a tremendous job with the community. His AMA are extremely well-organized.
@mengto Thanks so much for the feedback, Meng! Happy to hear you’re enjoying the community and AMA's. :)
Soo excited to finally see this on PH! 👏 😄 I've already made several valuable connections in the Maker Hunt community. Embed Hunt ( was the result of some of those connections, and I'm sure you'll see more startups/products come out of Maker Hunt in the future! Oh, and the AMA's are wonderful! I love getting to know the people behind the products 😏 thanks @erictwillis, @mubashariqbal, @sleinadsanoj, @bentossell, @remco_verhoef & @imcatnoone for all your work putting this together. I'm very excited to be a part!
@erictwillis @mubashariqbal @sleinadsanoj @remco_verhoef @imcatnoone @joshmuccio Thanks Josh! So many great comments about Maker Hunt... feeling the love! Thanks everyone.
I'm pleased I'm in with the Maker Hunt community; a group of knowledgable, friendly and helpful people you can't find anywhere else. :)