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Hi ProductHunt!!! In what is almost a pure coincidence of launching this on the almost two year anniversary of @bramk's launch of Startup Stash I wanted to try and take things a little bit further with how I approach stashes/stacks/collections. A curated collection of resources is always an awesome thing but it can be frustrating always coming back and having to search through the directory again trying to find that awesome resource. Before you do that you have to find the right list! I wanted it to be easy to not only track just the collections you care about but to also make it easy to find those resources you continuously come back to over and over again. Over time I would love to add insights behind each resource, maybe similar to how Siftery does things. Thanks for checking it out!
@scrivs cool! And yes, Saturday is the 2-year anniversary :)
@bramk That's awesome and I'm incredibly impressed that I still find myself checking it out at least once a month. Ridiculous longevity on an amazing resource.
congrats @scrivs, thanks for featuring in the Stock Photography section. ๐Ÿ‘ I would love to suggest to be included in the Design Inspiration section.
@saijo_george Thanks @saijo_george! To be honest with you, you have waaaaay too many awesome sites to keep track of. I have added Code My UI. Thanks for putting in the work on your sites. I can't get enough of them!
@scrivs ha ha.. not enough as I would like. not yet atleast :D Thanks mate.
hey @scrivs - are you able to submit suggestions for the collection? Other than that - this will definitely come in handy at Cheers!