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Faiz S. Hussain reviewedMake & ShineGrow an audience and get press coverage as an indie maker

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[Disclaimer & Positionality: I know the author personally and have been cited and thanked as an example in the book. Here I read as a owner-operator, familiar with the majority of the content from academic, personal and professional experience. Reading the manuscript with fresh eyes, there were still sections that surprised and inspired me.]

‘Make and Shine’ meets you halfway as any sort of internet personality trying to put more beauty out into the world, to foster openness, to find your place and community and build a reputation, in reach and expertise. Anne-Laure specifically targets those who identify as Makers, with sparse resources, approaching the overwhelming task of publicising themselves.

Anne-Laure cuts through all of that, writing without pretense, jargon, holier than thou coinages or self-aggrandising common to books like these. She decentres herself from the narrative, placing you, the reader, in a position of competence to command your personal brand. With tough love humour and tender encouragement, she outlines immediate, tangible, bite-size methods that help you develop a gradual and enduring following, find the appropriate press to take you seriously and develop a tone of voice that’s ‘you’ — that you can do with a consistent but meagre time investment, allowing you to return to what you do best, the actual making. In her eyes, the barriers to entry have never felt so low and so manageable. Once you finish reading, not only do you believe her, but you can see what she sees: making and promoting today is possible, sustainable and rewarding. You might just be overthinking it.

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