Make People Poop

Send your enemies sugar-free gummy bears to make them poop.


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
When jokes go too far. This is just mean.
Kate Noyes
@incessantnoyes · Dispatch, Operations Manager
I fully support this in theory, but $15 is just way too much money to make my enemies poop. There are other, cheaper ways to ruin their lives.
Matt Silverman
@mattsilv · Cofounder,
There seems to be some legal precedent for being charged with assault for giving laxatives to unknowing persons:
Jack Kaufman
@kaufman_jack · Entrepreneur
Hi there, folks! After seeing Ship Your Enemies Glitter, I was inspired. I thought this is fun, but what if someone took the idea behind Ship Your Enemies Glitter even farther. That's how I came up with Make People Poop. If you know anything about sugar-free gummy bears, you know their Amazon reviews are famous. Sugar free gummy bears cause people to poop, a… See more
Kevin Ayuque
I wish this shipped to my country 😂 but I wouldn't send it to my enemies only to my top friends, you don't spend money on enemies.