Create professional, customizable buyer personas in minutes with the help of our intuitive free generator. Make My Persona guides you through strategic questions designed to help you better organize your buyer persona research. Upon completion, you're presented with an editable, shareable document highlighting important details about your audience.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @carlystec, @david_carberry & @santosodette, Can you tell us more about what you've built and how it makes a difference for companies?
Sure thing, @jacqvon. Make My Persona is a free acquisition tool that stems out of HubSpot's desire to help people grow their businesses better, by starting with a better foundation. Buyer persona documents, while seemingly simple, provide businesses with the direction and context needed to align departments, unify messaging, develop buyer empathy, and lower acquisition costs by getting in front of more qualified people. They help you understand who your ideal customer is. In most cases, this is not only the people or businesses that have the biggest need for your product or service, but also the people or businesses that are bound to have the most success with your product or service. Once you conduct your persona research, Make My Persona guides you through the process of organizing that raw data into a meaningful document that is fully collaborative and shareable across your team. The goal is to get valuable persona data out of a spreadsheet or notes document and into a more concise, actionable resource for your team.
George B ThomasInbound Evangelist
I really like this! As a matter of fact, I did a massive review.
@george_b_thomas This is AMAZING. Thanks for putting together such a thoughtful review of the tool, Geroge. Your added tips and commentary were A+!
David MurrayMarketing Manager, HubSpot

This has been so helpful to me and my team!


So easy to use and so useful!



James Gallagher
Researcher @ Career Karma, EIR @ On Deck
Hello all! Could you describe the potential use cases for your product?
Hi @jamesstewart - Absolutely. The Make My Persona tool helps you create actionable buyer persona documents on behalf of your business. These documents serve as a unifying source of truth across departments, so everyone is on the same page about who your ideal customer is, what their challenges are, how they prefer to communicate, etc. Depending on the complexity of your product or service offerings, you might have several target personas that you are trying to reach. That's why we've built in the functionality for you to build up to three within our tool. Once you've created the persona document using Make My Persona, you can reference the buyer insights to reallocate ad spend, tweak your messaging to hit on pain points, optimize existing content to align with content consumption preferences, identify comarketing partners that will pique the interest of your audience, etc.
Shawn AroraHead of Ops @ LogDNA
Are the questions customizable? The generic questions are a good start, but any use case will have lots of nuanced question for a good understanding of the buyer.
Hi @shawnarora, yes! All of the questions are totally customizable. In the editor view following the walkthrough, you can reword questions, remove sections, add new ones, etc. to meet your specific needs and highlight the information that's going to be most valuable for your team.
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