Maître Viral Lead Magnet

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Manuel Frigerio
@mnlfrgr · Maker of @maitre_app / CTO EventNinja.io
Hey guys, I'm the co-founder of Maître. This product is born out of our need to capture more leads for our website. We tried traditional lead magnets but needed something that was more.. viral. So we came up with our "Viral Lead Magnet" where essentially people are incentivized to invite their friends to they can unlock further bonuses. In a nutshell is a … See more
Vincent Dignan
@vincentdignan · Magnific CEO
Maitre always bring the good stuff. Look forward to using this
Tom Hunt
@tomhuntio · TEDx Speaker & Internet Entrepreneur
Love the design on that page guys... Just signed up, going to try this on our new site :) Keep innovating!
Tigran Hakobyan
@tigranhakobian · Entrepreneur, Co-founder/CMO @ inapptics
Great tool guys! Simple and useful. That's how killer products differ from the rest. Congrats :)
Dan Hughes
The timeline is a nice feature. Makes it feel achievable. Do referred leads actually convert, though?