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Dead-simple, people-centric 👩‍💼👨‍💼 mail app 💌


Maily is the dead-simple, people-centric mail app you've been waiting for.

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i must accept the terms and conditions to use the app. but there is no link to read them. Also, its not GDPR ready.


cant use


cant see the terms and conditions

CPO, Odeko

I'm immediately impressed by the minimalist design and ease of use.


Clean, intuitive design


Nothing yet

Designer based in Buenos Aires

I've been using this for almost a week (uninstalled Inbox from my phone to try this out 100%) and I've been liking it so far. I'm getting notifications properly and the overall interface is good.

These are the small things I would correct:

1) Sometimes I find myself tapping over certain things more than once. For example, I open an email, read it, and then tap the arrow to go back. Nothing happens, and that seems to be because the tapping region around the arrow isn't big enough for my finger. This has happened with a bunch of buttons across the app, not just the 'back' arrow.

2) If I mark an email as 'Favorite', I'll be able to see it in the 'Favorites' section on every selected account, which is kinda weird. I have two accounts set on the app, they should have separate 'Favorites' sections.

3) When you receive an email, you open it, and instead of getting the full content of the email, if the sender already sent you something in the past, you will see a list of the emails you received from that person. Then you have to click the last email received. This is useful, it's good to see previous conversations, but I don't find it nice having to tap again to see the email I tapped for previously. Maybe I would separate things a bit. I would show related conversations with that sender at the end of the actual email, but showing the latter fully opened.

Still, I'm really liking this one! Can't wait to try out the desktop app to get a fully integrated experience. Good work guys and thanks a lot for sharing this with us!


The app is very clean and minimalist. Which is great, that's all we need, clean email layouts. It works good and fast.


For the moment, when I open one email on the app and then head to Gmail, the email will still figure as 'unread'.