Enhance your mailto links with a convenient user interface.

MailtoUI.js is an open source JavaScript library that enhances your mailto links with a convenient user interface. It gives your users the flexibility to compose a new message using a browser-based email client or their default local email app.
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Hi everyone! ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm excited to share MailtoUI with you all. So what is it, you might ask? MailtoUI is a little open source JavaScript library that allows you to easily enhance the way mailto links work on your site. We've all done it at some point. You visit a site. You want to contact someone. You click on the link, only to open the default local email app, which you (most likely) don't use. You then have to close the email app, go back to the site, copy the email address, go to your browser-based email client, compose a new email, and finally paste in the email address. I created MailtoUI with the goal of making mailto links more flexible and provide a better user experience. With MailtoUI users can now opt to compose a new message with one of three popular browser-based email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo), or their default local email app. MailtoUI is written in vanilla JavaScript. This makes it nice and lean, and has no dependencies. It's super easy to install, highly customizable, and plays well with JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js. The recent soft launch generated lots of positive feedback, so it gave me the confidence to launch it here. I'd like to thank @mijustin's Mega Maker Community and everyone else who have tried it and provided me with valuable feedback. Thank you in advance PH Community, for taking the time to read and checking it out. I hope MailtoUI is useful to you all. And as always, any feedback is much appreciated. Have an awesome day! ๐Ÿ™‚
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@mariordev Nice work, Mario! Mailto's have always been a pain for me with a mix of personal/work Gmails + Superman. While a Chrome Extension is nice, I think this is a great solution for site owners to implement to give folks with the same issues a clearer path + control over where those clicks are going. Question: given that we have a business app that I'll be using this on, I'm curious if it's possible to hide the Yahoo option? Did I miss that in the docs?
@parterburn Thanks so much, Paul! That's not an option at the moment, but I can see how that could be useful. I'll definitely look into it. However, keep in mind that for better or worse, Yahoo is still a widely used email client, so your users may benefit from having that option. Thanks for the suggestion!
The solution is very elegant ! @mariordev
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@mohamedaalabou Thank you so much!

Is there any plan to translate according to browser language?


Great idea!


Localization, maybe

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Would be great if i can use an image instead the mailto link, to prevent spam.
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@ben_roe Unfortunately that's beyond the scope of MailtoUI at the moment. But alternatively, you could use a service like CloudFlare, which provides free automatic email obfuscation for your mailto links, among lots of other features. MailtoUI plays well with CloudFlare's email obfuscation. Hope this helps!
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@ricalamino Thank you for your feedback! That's an interesting idea I honestly hadn't thought about. I'll look into it. Alternatively, at the moment you can customize all text in MailtoUI using the Options feature, if you need to use a different language.
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