Supercharge your sales process.

Supercharge your sales process with MailTag's Gmail & GSuite browser extension tool.

It's 100% free, forever. 😎

★ FREE Features:

✅ Unlimited real-time email tracking

✅ Real-time open & link-click notifications

✅ Email reopen tracking

✅ Email scheduling

✅ Email Pings (automate your follow-ups)

✅ Dashboard (view all of your read & unread emails)

  • Joe Gill
    Joe GillRetired

    When it worked, it was a GREAT product. So GREAT, I subscribed to the FULL PAID version


    Product in not functional and vendor is unresponsive.

    I am a FULL year prepaid subscriber. The productt stopped working just after he closed a funding drive. Vendor ignores all support requests. Vendor ignores all refund requests. . No longer functional B. NO response to support requests C. Vendor does NOT respond to refund requests on his BROKEN product. D. Does NOT respond to inquiries.

    Joe Gill has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    the dashboard is good looking


    there is nowhere to delete your credit card, nowhere to cancel subscription.they never reply you if you want to stop subscription payment


    Below are reasons and my poor story:

    1) In their dashboard, there is nowhere to delete your credit card, nowhere to cancel subscription. I was their customer in the past years, now I want to stop and remove my card. But I can't remove my card from their payment system. I failed..Now they charge year by year. Just like thief,steel money from your pocket forever!!!

    2) When you ask their help to remove the credit card information. They never reply you!

    I tried to email them, chat with them for more than 1 month. Until now, no single reply from them. And they keep steal money from my card in December 2018.

    The emails list I contacted in the past 1 month is listed below: CEO) (their CEO)

    3) Except me, other people also met same problems

    "Rony Kamenetsky"

    "Valerie Smith"

    "Devin Zhang"

    "Felix Josemon" etc.

    They all endure the same nightmare as well ! Please check those negative comments in the Google chrome web store of mailtag. you will discover the truth.You will find that they failed to cancel when they want to.





    karen yang has used this product for one year.
Haha, I like their privacy policy: "You can read the legal mumbo jumbo for yourself below. But in-case you were curious, we only communicate with Google servers through the Gmail’s API (OAuth) and never store any data present in your inbox. This makes MailTag more secure than many other email products."
Hi everyone, as the Founder of, I'd like to say a huge thank you to this community for the amazing support. We're so glad you're loving MailTag. :) The best is yet to come. :) Best, Alex
Looks like a very good project, but unfortunately, I use mostly safari so didn't see the option for that.
@lexvalishvili Curious as to why you're using Safari.
@arunsathiya i consistently switch between iMac, MacBook, iPad, iPhone and work MacBook and Safari provides the smoother transition between all 🤷🏻‍♂️
@lexvalishvili Safari development in the works. Coming soon to a browser near you.
@lexvalishvili @aedson98 Thanks for supporting Firefox Quantum out of the box! Made me happy.
I hit a paywall when trying to remove the watermark
@revhuff You can remove the watermark on our free version. :) Please email if you have any questions.
This is not true as of now. I click the box in preferences and it says I must start a free trial, which is not the same as having it on your free version.
@revhuff Hi Josh, you do not need to begin a free trial of our premium plan to remove the watermark. You can track your emails (and link clicks, email reopens, open rates, etc.) on our free plan without ever needing to upgrade. :) Here is a GIF: Once you click remove, simply exit the pop-up and proceed to send your email (the watermark will not be present). Please email if you have any questions. :)
@revhuff @mailtag @aedson98 I tested this, and then the tracking did not work when the watermark was disabled.
Hi @_sklahr_ sorry to hear this. Would you be so kind as to please email our support team? We'd be happy to help you resolve this. (