Mailjoy Letters

Send personalized direct mail letter campaigns

Mailjoy is a DIY direct mail app that makes direct mail as easy and personalized as email marketing. Now you can use it for both postcard and letter campaigns!
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The hamster is cute,


Ive tried Mailjoy before and it works, I got sales!


I wish Mailjoy could connect with Shopify to automate the delivery process.

The design is terrific. Are there any geo limitations?
@lastridgely Thanks! Yup, just US addresses at the moment.
Hello Product Hunt! In 2017, we launched Mailjoy, a DIY tool for postcard marketing. We’ve seen thousands of campaigns for everything from startups to non-profit organizations. Today, we’re expanding to direct mail letters. Mailjoy lets you design, send, and track direct mail in a way that’s as personalized, targeted, and simple as email marketing. Creating a campaign only takes a few minutes. You can import a mailing list, design your mailer in browser (or upload it), and order it with a single click. Your campaign is then printed and delivered within 4-7 business days. There’s no minimum volume requirement and pricing is pay-as-you-go (print, postage, and tracking included). Product Hunt launch special: Use code letterhunt for 10% off an order! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. P.S - Our mascot is Joey the Quokka. If you’re not familiar with quokkas, I highly recommend googling them.
The idea seems very interesting. Probably should test it
Great job!!😊 my query is that do we have to do any DNs configurations setting to prevent them from going in spam box rather than in the inbox where it’s actual place is. Cause have come across some email marketing support system where the website has to be tweaked to send email campaigns
@ayush_chandra This is physical mail, not email.