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Love this idea, @toddg777. We've sent the Product Hunt handwritten community letters in the past, but it's very time intensive. Any plans to offer this in handwritten form? Would also love to be able to include a sticker via StickerMule. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
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@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! I received a handwritten note from your team back during my Eventjoy days. It was a nice surprise. We don't have any plans for handwritten notes today. What do you think about a variety of handwritten fonts that are actually nice? :)
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@toddg777 I concur with @rrhoover ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. A/B test handwritten vs non. You could see a big difference.
@toddg777 @rrhoover there are those services that let you handwrite all the letters into a pdf, scan it, and then convert it to a font using your handwriting. Being able to upload a custom font like that, to use here, would be absolutely amazing!
@rrhoover @toddg777 This seems really wonderful...but saying that a handwritten font is the same as a human being handwriting each letter is completely different. One is done entirely by a human another is done in part by a machine. In essence, this really are two separate businesses because one would cause more friction in scale etc, reminds me of that movie Her where the lead actually did this exact thing for a living. That scene was actually fostering a discussion around this not can this be technically possible it could years ago it's that should it be this way and what are the costs when we in some way disconnect people a bit. I'd love to see an option even if there was an additional cost around making this more personal, handwritten notes would do that. Because their is a difference between getting a handwritten heartfelt card from a human and facebook, a computer system sending out an automated email saying happy birthday to me.
@nicholassheriff @rrhoover Agreed. I think there's a middle ground. Handwritten cards can just become cost prohibitive even at a modest scale. From the campaigns we've seen go through Mailjoy so far, none of them even include a personal message where this would come into play. Edit: Forgot to mention, the precursor to Mailjoy was a consumer app called Cardpop ( where we helped people send personal, snapchat-like postcards to friends and family.
Thanks for hunting us Garry, and hello Product Hunt! We're building Mailjoy as a self-service tool that makes sending a physical mail campaign as easy as an email campaign. Today, we do that with postcards for acquisition and reengagement campaigns around promoting sales, trial activations, event invites, causes, thank you notes, or any other creative ideas you might have. We're built on top of Lob and provide a full interface for you to create, manage, and track postcard campaigns with no engineering required. Simply import a list of recipients (we validate addresses with USPS), upload a design or code one with our new HTML editor (you can personalize each mailer), and then preview what each mailer will look like. From there, we'll mail your campaign within two days and provide delivery tracking on each mailer. Let us know what you think!
@mirmayne Potentially in the future! Drop me a note at todd [AT] mailjoy and I can keep you in the loop!
@toddg777 Will do ๐Ÿ˜‰
@mirmayne @toddg777 any updates on this by any chance?
I have been following Todd and his products for years now. He has put together a truly easy way for marketers and anyone to send postcards quickly and I can attest to his dedication to a great customer experience. You won't go wrong with him.
Really cool idea! I would be curious to see this as a Shopify, BigCommerce, Etsy app.
@nickraushenbush even an API would be awesome for this
Who designed that dope bear logo?
@justinkan I think we really need to make some quokka swag -- people love Joey (The Quokka aka the bear). Joey was designed by Alfrey ( This amazing PH thumbnail was designed by @zosegal.
@toddg777 @justinkan @zosegal You chose a good name. ๐Ÿ‘