Mailjoy 2.0

Delightfully simple postcard marketing

Mailjoy 2.0 is a DIY tool to design, mail, and track personalized postcard campaigns.

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Hi Product Hunt - Todd here, founder of Mailjoy. We’ve created the easiest tool to design, mail, and track personalized postcard campaigns for your customers or prospects. Early this year we launched a basic version of Mailjoy ( which was well received. Today, we’re excited to share Mailjoy 2.0. It features everything you need to create highly targeted and personalized campaigns in minutes from your own contact data. You only pay when you send mail (print, postage, and tracking included), and we have no volume minimums. We only support US addresses at the moment. Delivery occurs within 4-7 business days of ordering a campaign. We can’t wait to hear from you! What’s new in 2.0: - A drag and drop postcard designer with loads of customizable templates - 200,000+ free print-ready images through our @unsplash integration that you can preview and use in your designs - Personalize each recipients’ postcard with custom text and images - Preview each personalized postcard and instantly share proofs with co-workers - Organize your contacts into static lists or precisely targeted segments based on 15+ different conditions - Connect to 750+ apps with our @zapier integration - Track delivery status and conversions in real-time - A full CRM optimized for mail that tracks a contacts’ mailing history - An API to sync contacts across platforms Thanks to @zosegal for designing our awesome GIF thumbnail.
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Great @toddg777 👏
This is fantastic - I've been thinking about how making digital content "analog" can make it feel re-special. Kind of like that feeling when I picked up the most recent Odesza CD in its case, vs seeing the album art on my iPhone.
Mailjoy is just like Mailchimp for postcards. I'm a big fan. Used it to send wedding save the dates. I haven't used Mailjoy for other projects yet but hope to soon. They offer the ability to target their lists or upload your own. With a simple interface and API, Mailjoy opens a ton of possibilities for marketers. Even though postcards have been around forever it feels like a new growth channel.
@aacook Thanks for using the product and the kind words, Alex. You were also the first to use it for save the dates!
This is soooo clever!! Do you allow shipping all over the US? And do you have an open API?
@spoilingcharlie Yup. We'll mail anywhere in the US. We still haven't explored international yet. We do have an API! Check it out: