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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 03, 2020
Manage clients and projects directly from Gmail. Mailflow lets you keep track of notes, tasks, and projects without ever leaving your inbox!
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Hi Product Hunters! 👋 We're super excited to share this early version of Mailflow with you guys! You may have tried to replace email with dozens of different tools, only to find that your clients keep emailing you anyway... So you're back to email. Current collaboration tools seem made for internal collaboration or sales teams. And there are few clients that will bother learning a new tool just to work with you. Mailflow is an email-first productivity tool that's made specifically for working with clients. The cool thing about Mailflow is that it helps you stay organized without depending on other people working in the same tool as you. And you can even use it to get on top of email threads that are already out of hand. This first release provides you with a lightweight but powerful way to organize projects directly from Gmail. We have integrated personal tasks, notes, and projects in a way that's intuitive to use, and that fits your existing workflow. Our goal is to rid you of all repetitive busywork, and we're working on more powerful features that will save you hours every week. If you're a freelancer or working in an agency, we would be forever grateful to hear what works and doesn't work for you 😀
@henningsillerud Congrats on your launch. Mailflow looks pretty good and super excited to try it out. One quick question on the pricing as you have kept it free until further notice. Any idea when this will be made a commercial one & what is the ask you have in mind.
@devaonbreaches Thanks, good question! We haven't chiselled out the specifics of our pricing yet, but we're aiming to make it affordable for freelancers and smaller businesses. We aim to add a payment option within the next few months together with some new features. Right now we are considering two freemium models. One of them is the classic freemium model where you get to use most of the features for free and then have to upgrade to access the most time saving features. The other approach is to offer everything for free like does, and then limit the amount of "blocks" you can have. It will be sort of like a free trial, but with an activity limit instead of a time limit, and you'll be able to delete stuff you don't need anymore in order to extend your trial. That being said, we're very open for suggestions and feedback on the pricing aswell :)
@henningsillerud 2nd approach is more friendly. thanks for the tool!
@alexandre_davidovitch Thanks for the feedback 👍
Nice work mate this looks really keen! Will give this a shot!
@dansiepen Thanks Dan! Let me know how it goes :) I'm henning (at) getmailflow (tld)
Really cool tool, let's see how it works.
@juan_alcantara_borja Thanks! Don't hesitate reaching out if you have any questions or feedback!
I love this idea. Less tools, less distractions. Onboarding was smooth. I migrated my Trello tasks to here within few minutes after downloading it. Would be nice to have a reminder feature where it starts sending reminder email after deadline is passed. Also would be nice to have multiple statuses for tasks. It's just todo and done.
@jaeseok_an Nice! Glad to hear the onboarding felt smooth for you. The reminder feature you asked for is defintitively in the pipeline! As for multiple statuses on tasks, we are a bit unsure of how to add it without cluttering the interface. Which other statuses would you need? And do you have an example of what you want to use it for?
@henningsillerud I was thinking about Trello style. One version would be having 3 separate boxes "todo" "doing" "done", and I should be able to move tasks between those boxes. Another version is, by default, it only shows todo / doing tasks, and I can just update the status by clicking the task, and select status from a dropdown menu.
@jaeseok_an Gotcha! Can't promise anything, but it might be something we add as an alternative view in a future update ;)
Looks amazingly powerful! How does collaboration work with this extension and other teams? Have you guys looked at FrontApp?
@felipe_otalora Thanks! A more collaborative experience is on the roadmap, but it's a bit further ahead since it require us to connect with the Gmail API. And to do that we need to go through a pretty extensive and costly security audit. Right now, our laser focus is on creating the most productive single player experience with all the time saving features we can build without going through the review. I have played around with FrontApp previously, but it seems more geared towards sales and customer teams. We are building for all off those people who have to organize several chaotic projects with multiple clients, because that is what we missed for ourselves :)