Glenn Lidstone
Glenn Lidstone reviewedMailbutler 2.0Your personal assistant for Gmail and Apple Mail 📬
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Notes tab might be useful, as well as the task tab.


price, the functionality I used in MB ver1 is no longer there (or at least isn't obvious).

The best feature of MB to me was the toolbar icon that allowed you to quickly compose an email. NowI see three tabs in this icon: Activity which doesn't seem to do anything, Notes which allows you to put a note on an email (but this icon only displays the ones you have created), and Tasks (similar to notes). So, it appears the feature I used MB for is now not there at all. :(

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Szymon Sekula
Szymon Sekula@mailbutler_szym
Hi Glenn, The feature to quickly compose whole emails or just paragraphs is still in the new version of Mailbutler. Check out this article which shows two methods of using the Templates: Feel free to reach out to me via if you have any additional questions.