Mail the Family

Send postcards to a group as easily as posting a tweet.

📸 Upload a photo.
📝 Write a block of text.
👪 Choose who you want to send it to.
💵 Pay $1.50 per recipient.
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This feels pretty much like an exact copy of Nanagram, including the origin story. What gives?
@andreasduess This is the first I've heard of Nanagram. It turns out there are several extremely similar products. The only one I was aware of before I made this is - which is great and I was using. But I grew frustrated with it because I had to reenter everything with each postcard. I wanted similar functionality but with the ability to remember my recipients and send to multiple people. Honestly, had I known there were similar products, I would still have made it because it was just a fun project, but I probably wouldn't have put it on producthunt.
@ryan_hayden1 No worries. Sometimes lightning strikes twice and it is a really nice product.