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Mai is your personal avatar’s social network, where you can fully express yourself with an avatar that is more personal than emoji & more alive than bitmoji. Fully customize your avatar’s voice, style & movement, with over 120 animations & poses or insert audio from your voice or popular clips, which is then lip-synced in real-time.

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Ashish Aggarwal
Laurent Perrier
Juan Bosch
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  • Jennifer Cram
    Jennifer CramAnimator @ *gramlabs

    Playful, shareable, browse-able, lot's to do!


    It will just keep getting better as more people jump on board. :D

    The applications for these mai Clips are as boundless as your creativity. Incorporate yourself into your favorite gif! Record your own voice, or find a clip from pop culture! Take a selfie with your digital self! Or put yourself in your dream vacation spot! So much fun!

  • Andrew Balushka
    Andrew BalushkaCEO, devabit

    Fun app!


    user experience might be better

    New way of expressing your emotions!

  • Pros: 

    It's totally different! I love the customization!


    Loads a little slow.

    I'm just getting started but this app is super cool and unique! Can't wait to dive in more!

    Ellen Stebbins has used this product for one week.
  • Rohan Gidvani
    Rohan Gidvanineuropsychiatry researcher

    Novel interface allowing fun customization!


    Great for now. Excited to see how it develops.

    For someone who doesn't use emojis due to their inherent ambiguity, the mai avatars provide the missing element.

  • Tudor Stânean
    Tudor StâneanSoftware Engineer, 3Pillar Global

    The social impact is fantastic, it gives you the best way of expressing yourself and sharing your videos with your friends


    There is no better alternative, let's just have more people using it

    It's a brilliant idea that came at the right moment considering the social and digital impact that technology has in our lives

  • Digitalogy
    DigitalogyGM, Digitalogy

    A refreshing app, lots of cool features, great product overall


    The app size is big, lags, UI/UX can be improved, server side issues

    Can be a game changer for sure. :)