Carl Worricker
Carl Worricker reviewedMagnifyPush out beautiful website announcements in 10 seconds.

easy to use, easy to implement


lack of positioning options

fantastic idea! so simple. I created and added an announcement to my site in less than 3 mins.

would be nice to be able to choose the position of my announcement i.e. bottom left, bottom right, etc.

Carl Worricker has used this product for one day.
Jakob Marovt
Jakob Marovt@jmarovt · Founder of Magnify
Thanks for this Carl - will think about positioning. For now we just intentionally removed all options ;)
Carl Worricker
Carl Worricker@carl_worricker · UX Designer
@jmarovt out of curiousity, why is that? for simplicity?
Jakob Marovt
Jakob Marovt@jmarovt · Founder of Magnify
@carl_worricker Yes. But I agree that of course we'll have to find a solution for it.
Content Showcase
Content Showcase@contentshowcase · Make announcement popups that convert
Content Showcase ( offers full control on positioning. You should have a look!